Hair Adventures #2

This is a continuation of yesterdays post Adventures With Hair Dye. So today I went and saw my hair dresser, Cindy Miller, to try and come up with a fix for my crazy red hair. Looking at it together we decided that my new hair color would have to be pretty dark to cover up the loud red that was currently screaming from my head. I picked a dark blonde auburn color. The result was quite a bit darker than I expected, in fact I think it is the darkest my hair color has ever been. But strangely, I find myself liking the change in a weird, that’s not me in the mirror, sort of way. It’s kind of like when all the girls get makeovers on America’s Next Top Model, sometimes it’s a pretty dramatic change, but it looks good – you think!

Initial response from the kiddo’s and Mike has been good. My friend Julia told me she liked the haircut, but likes me better as a blonde – maybe she just hasn’t had enough time to get used to the new color yet. Let me know what you think. Though I think I’m going to decide I like it, since I spent lots of money on it and heck it’s better to be happy with what you have!


2 responses to “Hair Adventures #2


  2. Gorgeous! Color is very beautiful with your skin and eyes. :).

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