Adventures With Hair Dye

My hair and I have been having a hate-hate relationship lately. It’s been boring me, doesn’t inspire me, and sometimes I downright dislike it. I’m not sure if it’s the hair cut I’m sporting, long with wavy long layers, or if it’s the color which has been kind of dirty blonde on the bottom and a light brown towards the top. Whichever it is, I just haven’t been loving the way I look in the mirror lately. 

I chatted with my sister April and Mike about my boring blah hair and they both suggested I color it. So I thought good idea! 

Mike and I were in Target the other night having a mini date without the kids (I know, but shopping anywhere without the kids is almost blissful!) and he picked out a box hair color for my hair. It was Clairol #16 – Spiced Tea which is billed as a light auburn color. It looks quite gorgeous on the box…  Well last night Mike did my hair. I would like to say that the hair color jobs that Mike has done in the past for me have turned out very nice. Unfortunately that was not the case yesterday! I’m sure it was Clairol’s fault, not Mike’s. For one thing the instructions said to wet hair and apply the dye to towel dampened hair, we haven’t done that before so it was kind of strange. My hair turned out a rather bright-colored red. My first thought was that it was so vivid that it practically glowed! 

I have nothing against red hair, so maybe if it was just the brightness I could deal with it. But again, unfortunately that wasn’t the only bad thing. The hair color took mostly on the bottom half of my hair, leaving the top slightly reddish, but the bottom a screaming red color. Here is a picture of my hair up in a bun. I was told that it looked like I put on a hairpiece in a different hair color! 

The red "hair piece"


Reactions from family, coworkers and friends has been interesting to say the least. My daughter Lexie looked at me and said “Mom, your hair is bright red!” when she saw me this morning. Co-workers had things to say such as “Oh… oh my” and “Wow, you died your hair last night”. Though some people have said they like it and suggested that I “Let down my hair tonight, put on some lingerie and let out my inner diva”. The last suggestion made me turn bright red and kind of run away as it was broadcast to the entire 4th floor of my building! 

I have made an appointment tomorrow to fix what I consider a rather disastrous dye job. I’ve now learned why they suggest you do a test swatch 48 hours before you dye the whole thing. It’s because if it turns out as a crazy color, at least it’s a small easily hide able piece of hair! I’ll post an update with my new, hopefully better, hair color and style tomorrow. To tell the truth, I’m kind of afraid I’ll end up with pink hair like Becki did when she was a teen and had a similar coloring situation. Mike said Becki tried to fix her color by bleaching it, but her hair ended up turning bright pink! I remember how upset she was until Ann took her to have it fixed professionally. I’m trying to avoid damaging my hair, so I’m going to go straight to a pro! 

Notice how the bright red is only on the bottom of my hair?


One response to “Adventures With Hair Dye

  1. Love this story Amanda and that you have set up a blog! Your adventures in the outdoors and with your family are wonderful. It’s so cute that Mike picked out this hair dye and did your hair for you. I can see you as a red-head but yes I definitely see a difference between the hair at the bottom and at the top. Nevertheless- you are left with a darned good story to tell :).

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